Our guest contributor Amy Goldsmith talks us through her top picks for #ValentinesDay in this week’s fashion story…

Whether you and your darling have been together for a while or it’s a relationship that’s just starting to bud, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to indulge in some romance. What will you be doing this year? Are you and your partner going out to a simple dinner? Will there be roses, chocolate, and grand romantic gestures?

However you decide to celebrate your love, one thing’s for sure –there’s a sweet date waiting for you in the future and you’ve got to be ready for it! Sexy, cute, elegant, you’ve got options to take this date anywhere you want, and we’re here with some cool suggestions to help you put together the perfect outfit.


The way to a man’s heart? Velvet. It’s lush, smooth, and it will engage his senses as his hand brushes over your waist – it simply gives a tactile dimension to your outfit that’ll make him want to sit closer. A soft velvet dress paired with six-inch heels and a cheeky little smirk that promises a hot night ahead will make his mind spin. We recommend the Zara Printed Velvet Crossover Dress because it’ll show off your sexy legs and hug your figure just right; pair it with some burgundy heels and maybe a long coat over it so you can experience that moment of hearing him gasp as you unbutton the coat and slide it off your shoulders...


Demure, sweet, with just a dash of naughty, another great outfit idea is pastel-colored or white lace, preferably something that makes you look delicate, feminine, and still absolutely sexy. This Newlook sheer lilac frill trim top is a gorgeous choice, especially if you pair it with a nude undershirt and slim jeans or trousers. Wear ballet flats and let your hair fall down your shoulders in loose curls and you’ve got a nice, romantic look on your hands that’s so innocently sexy.


Feminine, mysterious, and luxuriously sophisticated, maybe you want a look that will have the guy sweating as he tries to impress you. Enjoy his open-mouthed stare as he sees you in a tight little pencil skirt and something like this Rockmans Elbow Sleeve Ruffle Blouse and black pumps. Pin your hair in a sleek chignon, paint your lips with some wet, nude lip gloss, and give him a smile girl – you’re an elegant goddess and you need to own it! Confidence is an essential part of this look, so enjoy your own beauty!


Maybe you’re an edgy gal who likes to make the head turn wherever she goes, who breaks social conventions and likes to get a little dangerous with her fashion. In that case, leather pants are your friend, baby! Slim leather pants, this satin wrap top, and the magical ingredient – over the knee boots! Throw on a leather jacket, wear bright red lipstick, and rock this bold look! If you want to dial it down a notch you can pick high-waisted skinny jeans instead of leather pants, and maybe switch the shoewear to high-heeled ankle boots


Let’s not forget the most important part – lingerie. Red is almost traditional for Valentine’s Day, but hey, it works. Nothing makes a gal feel sexier than red lingerie, but if you prefer, you can also go for the more mysterious-looking black or charmingly sexy white or pink. However, we’d like to encourage you to take it a step further and wear a corset (we know you always wanted one), because there’s nothing like a little burlesque moment to bring some fantasy and sexy romance to the date (or rather, what comes after it). Imagine yourself in a burgundy corset and black stockings with garters, then imagine your man as he sees you in it. Hot, hot, hot!

Excited about your date? Well there’s nothing like a little shopping session to keep you going until Valentine’s Day is here, so get creative and put together an outfit that will knock his socks off and make you feel sexy and stunning!