I for one am so glad January is over, with its plethora of skin-damaging elements like excessive heating and frosty air, (and sometimes the lack of fresh air from staying inside so much). The combination has a terribly negative effect on my complexion and although February (so far) hasn’t seen much better weather, the budding daffodils are bringing me positive thoughts of spring.

February comes from the Latin Februum, which means to renew or to be reborn, and this month I am having a skin detox to help restore my skin’s complexion.  I’m aiming to try products which are as natural as possible and I’m kick starting the process with the help of Urban Veda.

The Urban Veda range follows the Ayurvedic Indian philosophy of health and wellbeing by harnessing the holistic and therapeutic power of plants – this means there are no nasties hidden in their formulae - they don’t contain parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate), or GM (genetically modified) ingredients (phew!), so it’s an instant thumbs up from me. 

The natural and organic ingredients together with multi-vitamins maintain the skin’s natural balance, preventing breakouts and other conditions resulting from excessive damage from the environment – so far, so good!

I have been using the facial wash and body cream from the Urban Veda Radiance range which is designed to give tired skin a natural glow – and who doesn’t want radiant skin?
The ingredients speak for themselves in this luxurious mix of gloopy goodness; anti-inflammatory turmeric reduces redness and puffiness, a mix of botanicals including coriander to help brighten skin, whilst anti-oxidant rich marigold ensures skin is cleansed and hydrated.

The first point to note is that the range smells amazing, which is always a bonus - when you smell good you feel good, right? I have been using the facial wash for a month now and the gentle formula glides easily onto my skin and removes all traces of makeup (even my stubborn smokey eye make up – annnd it does this without excessive rubbing – which of course is a cause for celebration alone!). In short, it leaves my skin feeling luxuriously smooth. The facial wash also contains Patchouli  which helps heal dry or inflamed skin (it is also said to be good at reducing scarring if a breakout has left its unwanted marks on your skin) leaving skin fresh and hydrated. I’m a soap and water kinda gal, so this wins all the Brownie Points for me.

Next up is the Radiance Body Lotion, which is packed with healing botanical extracts, including sweet almond oil (which I adore) to moisturise and nourish.  The lotion is thick and gorgeously creamy, but absorbed quickly into my skin – without leaving it feeling too oily or sticky. It also smells divine, cocooning my body in its gorgeous floral & herb scent and left my skin feeling super-soft all day - and all month while I trialled it.

body lotion.jpg

My verdict? Bathroom must-haves! I will definitely be trying out other products in the Radiance range as well as trying some of their other ranges, (they also have a purifying, reviving and soothing range as well).