When the Sensee Facial Contour Definer arrived in the office there was definitely a tittle tattle and a whisper among the team to ascertain whether I’d ordered a sexy toy from Mya or Agent Provocateur, when in fact my pretty package contained a beautiful and ergonomic rose-gold-coloured, hand-held facial massager. (Gosh that was a mouthful!)

Arriving in a beautiful white box, first impressions were excellent, and I was also pleasantly surprised to find that it has a lovely weight to it – this is definitely a quality product.

Although I am lucky to have been blessed with good genes, there is no escaping the fact that as we get older our skin starts to lose its elasticity, so, from luxurious creams and regular facials to drinking copious amounts of water – my best beauty secret – I work hard to maintain some sort of firmness and protection for my skin. Promising to instantly relieve tension, boost blood circulation, stimulate collagen production annnd activate lymphatic drainage to detoxify skin – the Sensee derma roller was hot on my wish list…

Ok - I know what you’re thinking, the shape is certainly interesting and I can’t deny that it looks a little phallic; you may even get some awkward stares if you open this one in the office like I did, but, the truth is, it looks that way because of the job it needs to do - and it has to be said that it is actually a great design that really works - it fits nicely in the hand while the two massage rollers are positioned at the perfect angle to fit any face shape.  


So how does it work?

Following the instructions, I held the handle and swept the roller along the edge of my jawline in an upwards motion for 5 minutes on each side. It was really easy to use, moving seamlessly up my jawline. As advised, I added this into my daily skincare routine, using it after moisturising each morning and evening and it wasn’t long before it became second nature. 

The roller balls have grooves across them which help give a really nice massage effect for an extra bonus. The whole experience left me feeling very relaxed and reduced any previous puffiness much to my delight. I read that the roller is also adaptable so you can use it all over your body, from your arms to your neck. It also doesn’t require batteries which I LOVE, you literally pick it up and do the work yourself. As the roller ball rotates it brings nutrients and oxygen to the collagen and elastin-producing cells in our face, resulting in younger, healthier looking skin.


So far I have only used it on my face and I have definitely noticed changes. My skin feels firmer and definitely stays hydrated for longer, I read online that like the massage techniques of a facialist, derma rollers help the skin absorb moisturiser and gives skin that lovely natural glow so maybe that is why. Incorporating this into my normal skincare routine has been easy and I am definitely going to use it on other areas of my skin in the future to see how it fares there…

Final verdict - this is a gorgeous product that is high quality and will last for years and I would definitely recommend investing in one (although maybe best not to leave it on your bedside table to avoid any awkward explanations)…