Beautiful plants, from tropical curiosities to the simplest of herbs, have the ability to enhance and brighten any space, from the smallest kitchen to the unending office. But a plant with an attractive and interesting vase carries even more sway - and the innovative LYFE Levitating Planter brings the humble vase into the future.

A stunning new creation that brings together cutting-edge technology and the power of nature, the LYFE Levitating Planter reinvents the concept of a vase by using the power of magnetic levitation. The planter floats in the air above a real oak base as it gently rotates - it’s truly mesmerising to watch, but the rotation also serves a practical purpose by ensuring your plant always gets the full range of light and shade.

But the eye-catching design of the LYFE Levitating Planter isn’t enough for the inventive design team behind it. Following an explosively successful fundraising campaign, the LYFE Levitating Planter is perfect for Air Plants, conversation starting plants that grow in the air. With no need for soil, and no hassle from soil spills and muddy water, the LYFE Levitating Planter and its Air Plants are perfect for any modern office or minimalist home. The LYFE Levitating Planter is now available with a choice of three stunning Air Plants, from the calming Juncea to the out of this world Caput Medusae… You can also chose an empty planter, and grow whatever Air Plant takes your fancy! I have chosen the Medusae…

LYFE Levitating Planter 2.jpg

This totally modern way to go green is lightweight, portable, simple to use and simple to maintain. Powered by an ultra-efficient AC Adaptor, no batteries are required. Should power be lost, the planter drops to its base, keeping your Air Plant completely protected. According to NASA clean air studies, just one plant for every 100 sq. ft is all it takes to increase air quality, filter toxins, and decrease stress levels. With the LYFE Levitating Planter you can achieve all of that, while bringing a beautiful, head-turning, botanical centrepiece into your space!

Available to order at: www.noxuhome.com/