If you wouldn’t Instagram it, don’t decorate with it; that is the main rule of thumb when it comes to interiors for millennials. (Actually, on that note, what I am if I’m too old to be a millennial and too young to be a Baby Boomer? I don’t like the Gen X label as it was originally coined for post-WWII American kids, but that is for a whole other blog…)  Anyway, back to the point… 

Textures, geometrics and flashes of metallic are all high on the instagrammer’s decorating cheat sheet. Star purchases, such as the new velvet upholstered Effie sofa and armchair from Cult Furniture, offer swoon-worthy style for a millennial budget. With velvet trending highly on the social sphere, the plush Effie is also complemented by gold toned legs, with colour options boasting a steel blue hue or the aptly entitled, ‘millennial pink’.

CULT FURNITURE - One in a millennial_ of the age interiors from Cult Furniture.jpg

Millennial interiors call out for rousing graphic prints and strong visual emblems, to set a scene irresistibly photo-ready. The Cult Living Mountain Print Framed Poster ticks all boxes with its geometric outline with flashes of pink, marble and metallic. The Irving Block Table Lamp is as simple in its structure, as it is unusual in presentation. The use of marble gives the lamp a distinctly opulent edge.

Warm up your millennial aesthetic with the Malini Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion. With its luxe finish and pale pink, grey or cream colourway, this shaggy shearling cushion features contrast leather on one side for a cosy, and tip-top textural finish. Mix up all three hues for a perfectly-coordinated look or create a clash of textures by adding a contrast cushion in velvet or cotton.

1. Cult Living Irving Block Table Lamp, White Marble; £49
2. Bloomingville Decorative Ceramic Pineapple, Grey; £26
3. Cult Living Effie Armchair, Velvet Upholstered, Blue; £449
4. Cult Living Mountain Print Framed Poster, White And Pink, A2; £25
5. Cult Living 100% Cotton Aztec Diamond Moroccan Kilim Rug, Black Multi; £150
6. Cult Living Effie Armchair, Velvet Upholstered, Pink; £449
7. Malini Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion – Grey; £49
8. Cult Living Effie 2 Seater Loveseat Sofa, Velvet Upholstered, Pink; £699

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