I am sure many of you will agree that trying to be a healthy, happy, full-time working mummy quite often means something’s gotta give. In my case, sleeping is often virtually non-existent as I juggle deadlines, meetings, email mountains, homework, exercise and good eating along with everything else that life throws my way; and this combination means that often, in the midst of everything else, my skin can get neglected too. Therefore as summer approaches I decided to step up my skin routine and paid four weekly visits to Zest Beauty Clinic for some much needed skin therapy over the last month.

The team at Zest recommended that I try the Dermisonic facial which combines LED light therapy, ION treatment and ultrasonic waves for ultimate skin rejuvenation. It is unique to Zest and I think they may be he only ones in Ireland to have this technology - plus Sarah, my therapist, was great too!

The main element in this treatment is the Dermisonic device which has 5 unique functions and is amazing for increasing collagen production, reducing redness, promoting cell renewal as well as increasing circulation. After a skin consultation, Sarah tailored my treatment to my own skin’s needs using fan-favourite Dermalogica products. She explained that when used in conjunction with products, the Dermisonic device works to penetrate the products deeper into the skin. 

This treatment literally transformed my skin and left me with an amazing lustrous glow that lasted for days! I had several comments on how great my skin looked, and believe me, it really was lustrous!

Here is my step by step guide to the Dermisonic Facial,

Dermalogica Precleanse (£34.35)


The treatment started with an oil based pre-cleanser (Dermalogica Precleanse (£34.35) which is used to remove any traces of make-up before an age smart skin resurfacing cleanser was applied. This contains alpha hydroxy acid which helps hydrate and brighten skin.  The dermisonic device was applied firmly against the skin and moved upwards with a relaxing, slow movement as the anti-bacterial LED blue light got to work loosening up any excess oil and impurities for a deeper clean.

Exfoliation came next - my miracle product as it covers everything in one bottle and the multivitamin power exfoliant (Multivitamin power exfoliant (£34.00) used here definitely give my skin an instant boost! The exfoliant was applied to my face and neck and the device gently glided over my skin for 6-8 minutes, drawing out any impurities.

Sarah then applied the Age Smart Complex (£55) which is highly concentrated and rich in vitamin enzymes and proteins stimulating new collagen product and encouraging firmness and elasticity.

A luxurious multivitamin power recovery mask (Multivitamin power recovery mask (35.70) was applied onto the face and neck and the dermisonic device used the anti-aging LED red light to penetrate the nutrient-rich, skincare goodness deeper into the skin.  I lay back and relaxed as the device worked its magic over my face and neck for 16-18 minutes helping to repair and restore any damage.

Using hot mittens, Sarah removed the mask for a lavishly relaxing finish before applying Antioxidant Hyramist, which created an instant firmness as the skin was noticeably lifted and tightened. An eye gel, rich in vitamins A, C & E was applied and as the silicon’s within the gel quickly melted into the skin to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, Sarah applied the Dynamic skin recovery SPF 50 moisturiser. Straight away my skin felt super soft, supple and hydrated. The team at Zest recommend a 6 week course for optimum results, but even after 1 treatment I noticed a big difference with my skin feeling tighter, toned and my fine lines noticeably reduced!

Zest Beauty Clinic has been established for 14 years and, like I said, is the only salon in Ireland who offers the Dermisonic facials. This was my first time trying this treatment and I cannot wait to try it again. For all the ladies (and men!) working long days with tired nights and early mornings – this one is for you! 

The team’s expert knowledge and calm demeanour left me feeling ultimately relaxed and as I confidently walked out with my skin glowing I was already eagerly anticipating my next visit.

To book, call the team at Zest on 028 9062 6555

Cathy xo

Zest Beauty & Tanning Clinic

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