Environ Hydroboost Facial at Claire Duff Beauty, Dunmurry

At this time of the year, the changing weather can often leave skin dehydrated with the lacklustre reflection of winter seemingly impaled onto our skin. The current weather, combined with pollution, daily stress and everyday activitiesmeans everyone’s skin could do with a little TLC right about now!

Admittedly, I am very lucky to have been blessed with great genes, however as I grow older I have noticed quite a few wrinkles creeping up and, between juggling daily life, full-time work and an energetic 5 year old I was delighted to try the much-reputed Environ Hydroboost facial at Claire Duff Beauty in Dunmurry.

Formulated by Dr Des Fernandes, the world-renowned plastic surgeon, this intensive treatment already has an army of fans including Elle McPherson and Sadie Frost, and is said to be the perfect antidote to dehydrated skin – so it’s exactly what I need. It is a deeply intensive facial that hydrates the skin whilst plumping and firming – and I was more than a little excited for some much-needed ‘Me-Time’. 

Here is my step-by-step

The facial begins with a luxurious pre-cleanse oil before a clay masque is gently massaged into skin. On my visit, Claire then applied a lavishly smooth cleansing formula (giving me two cleanses for the ultimate skin rejuvenation!), before toning using the mild alpha toner, which is available in salon only.

Next, a hydrating serum is applied all over the face. Then, a ceramic wand is glided over the skin, using ultrasound waves to help the hydrating serum penetrate 4000 times deeper into the skin, than by application by hand.

The treatment contains a high percentage of Vitamin A which promotes the production of healthy collagen and elastin – helping to improve the appearance of fine lines as well as lightening pigmentation and improving skin tone. The whole range of Environ Skin Care is packed with powerful antioxidants that protect and nourish skin and after a skin consultation, Claire tailored the products to my own skin type.

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Next Claire applied the nutrient-rich alginate mask onto my skin, – including covering eyes and mouth – which is a very strange sensation and one that doesn’t seem to suit everyone apparently as only small holes for the nostrils are left for breathing. Ultrasound probes are then attached to the edges which gently pulsed electrical currents through the mask. These gentle currents are impalpable and really help to restore skin by penetrating the layers of skin much more effectively than a topical cream.

Ten minutes later when Claire peeled off the mask I couldn’t believe it when I saw my reflection, the mask had certainly worked its magic and the fine lines around my eyes and mouth were massively reduced. My skin was glowing, plumped and soft and I felt like I was looking at myself 5 years ago – and I do not say that lightly! Claire then applied some eye gel and moisturiser before finished with Environ Sun Care RAD - a revolutionary SPF15 antioxidant sunscreen which protects from both UVA and UVB irradiation.

Claire Duff has worked in a variety of popular spa and salon environments before launching her own small salon in 2015 after 10 years in the business. It is easy to see why her clients continue to come back time and time again – I know this will not be my last visit.

I cannot recommend the Environ Hydro Boost treatment enough, 3 weeks later and my skin still has a youthful glow and is officially ready to step into summer!

Love Cathy x

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