Christmas Gifts That Go Down A BOMB!

What is a bath without a bomb?  This week I took a trip into LUSH in Belfast city centre and was BLOWN AWAY by these fantastic bath bombs which make perfect sticking fillers for guys and girls of any age. I mean, how could you not love a LUSH bath bomb?!

Check out these new releases available now…

Never mind the ballistics…  Watch the sunset has you relax in the tub with this red and yellow coloured bath bomb which meshes together to form a beautiful sunset orange colour.  The cocao butter will soften your skin give it that wonderfulsun-kissed glow.

Mistletoes!  You’ll feel like your skin has been kissed when this bath bomb melts in the water - it will give you a truly sensual experience, with its romantic fragrances and deep purple colour. Oh-er!

Father Christmas Bath Bomb Feel ho-ho-wholly relaxed when you drop this Christmas spirited bath bomb in to the tub.  With the red and green colours fizzing in the tub you’ll get a warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling instantly.

Luxury Pud  Lavish yourself with this Christmas dessert treat has you drift away to the rich smell of lavender and comfortingfoam.

These pretty white star bombs will look just as cool on your bathside as they will whizzing around the tub working their magic! Feel ultimate relaxation as this star bath bomb melts into dust, the gorgeous scent of vanilla and rose wood, before the citrus kicks in and awakens your mind and body giving you a boost of energy. You will leave the tub glowing like a star.

Shoot for the Night Stars Soak in a pool of midnight blue as the shimmering coca butter and olive oil stars dissolve into your skin, and enjoy the sweet orange and bergamot oils aroma … you will feel like you are floating amongst the stars.

Northern Lights Watch in amazement as your bathtub magically explodes with colour and popping candy creating a night sky covered in an array of dazzling stars, you will feel as though you are floating with the stars as you breathe in the scents of floral jasmine and ylang ylang.

Butterbear Brrrrr.. its cold outside and this is the perfect bath bomb to beat the winter blues, warm and relaxing coca butter and sweet vanilla and yang you will feel cosy in the tub and your skin will feelgorgeously soft and hydrated.

Ruby red slippers Step into Christmas with this gorgeous ruby red glittering bubble bar with spiced clove oil and floral carnations.

Snowie ‘Bowie’ bubble bar This alternative bubble bar is inspired by David Bowie with the coloured flashes and eyes. The scents of grapefruit, uplifting neroli and floral rose will hit you as you lye in the tub.

Santasaurus Bubble Bar  

This Christmas themed Santa-saurus bubble bar is perfect for young children and will bring some excitement to bath time.  Ivy green with comforting honey, refreshing orange and fruity bergamot will create a wonderful scent in the bath your child will be roaring to get into.

Cinnamon Stick…. Enjoy the festive feeling with a wave of this cinnamon stick watch as bubbles appear as if by magic   with cinnamon leaf and Fair Trade organic clove refreshes your skin and gives you that ready for Christmas feeling.

Princess Wand Fabulously pretty and pink this wand will create a cotton candy like pool of bubbles you will be enchanted by as the sweet vanilla scent sends you into a drifting daydream.

Christmas Penguin Let it snow with this small cute blue penguin will bring a white winter feeling to the bathtub with a beautifulblend of lemon oils, floral and citrus aromas refreshing you as you lie in the winter wonderland.

Snow Angel: Relax in a warm blanket of snow with mounds of white foam; the shimmering gold will leave you with an angelic glow. The Sweet marzipan scent and cocoa butter softening your skin you will feel as though you have been touched by an angel.

This creamy Snow Castle soap will make you feel like the queen of the castle as you treat yourself with the luxurious coconut oil and almond – which leaves you with silky smooth skin.

Santa’s post box – love this cute soap! You won’t be disappointed with this delivery with the citrus fragrance and sweet orange flower with bergamot oils.

Reindeer Rock It would be RUDE-OLPH not to try this cool reindeer pebble soap with a rich aroma of roses and lingonberries you skin will feel beautifully comforted and cleansed.

Papa Noel Shower Jelly… Lather and massage gently over the skin to cleanse and gently exfoliate. The citrus blends will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated with the refreshing trio of lemon, lime and tangerine.

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly This jolly, jelly belly gel soap is back for 2016 with a new and improved shape. Red wine, star anise, and refreshing apple fragrance this belly of jelly is ready to burst with an infusion of fragrances.

Snowman Shower Jelly This is one snowman you’ll not worry about melting this winter as the citrus infusion of Sicilian lemon and bergamot oils melts onto your skin and your skin is left nourished and hydratedfrom the carrageenan powder.

So there you have it… Stocking fillers? Sorted!

Merry Christmas everyone!