So all this Christmas gift-giving and drinks quaffing got me thinking about a nice gift-to-self… Between parties and social occasions, I was craving some me-time, just getting away from it all and cleansing my skin between indulgent dinners and drinks. So where better than the calm sanctuary of the spa at The Merchant Hotel for my treat? And what better range of products than the newly arrived Cosmedix range for a clinical clean with all the luxury of a 5 star spa?!  

On arrival my therapist Eithne greeted me and reminded me that she had treated me previously in another spa a few years ago. It was lovely of her to remember – and even lovelier of her to be so gracious when I didn’t remember at first! We got straight down to business and kick started with not just one, but THREE cleansing steps! We began with a deep cleanse using the Purity Solution Oil Cleanser to remove any make up and surface debris. It turns out I had quite a bit! This was followed by the Benefit Cleanser to clean and condition the skin and lastly, the Purity Clean to deep clean and gently exfoliate the skin. In this treatment the thorough cleanse will ensure the active ingredients in the later exfoliator and Blueberry Smoothie treatment can easily penetrate the skin for best results.  After the three stage cleansing, we took a deep look at my skin with a 7-point skin analysis using the Woods UV lamp which shows up any sun damage, dehydration, oiliness, sensitivity/broken capillaries, scarring and congestion. The results of this analysis often determine the next steps in the treatment, but luckily my sun damage and dehydration wasn’t too bad, so I was able to have the lovely Blueberry infusion. (Which really does smell of blueberries!)

Purity Clean 150ml - £39.95

The exfoliator came in the form of the Pure Enzymes Exfoliating Mask. This product contains cranberry fruit enzymes and L-lactic acid to gently eat away at the inter-cellular bonds gluing  dead skin to the face. As Eithne told me this I was imagining those tiny little fish used in some pedicure places who eat away at dead skin. Thankfully though, no fish were used in this facial!

Rescue +Hydrating Balm & Mask - £54.70

Following on from the mask, the Blueberry Smoothie Infusion was applied. This treatment infusion is a gentle but deep exfoliating treatment using blueberry, blue corn meal and again L-lactic acid which softens and smooths the skin revealing a more even, glowing complex.

Right about here, Eithne gave me a really fantastic head, scalp and neck massage which immediately opened up my sinuses and allowed me to breathe clearly for the first time in days. And with the deeper breathing came a sense of sleepiness, and I always sleep better at night after facials, they just seem to relax the soul and relax the mind – so it’s no surprise that I was in bed by 9pm that night!

We finished with some Affirm Serum which is an antioxidant serum used to fight free radical damage. Eithne mixed this with some Rescue + Balm to protect and deeply hydrate my skin after such a deep cleansing treatment. On my eyes she added some Opti Crystals Eye Cream and some Reflect SPF 30 right across the face to protect my skin from UV damage.

On the whole I would say this treatment is a perfect winter pick-me-up, or indeed something to book for new year when all the Christmas parties are done and dusted and you’re in the mood for renewing and rejuvenation. It costs: £85 and lasts 60 minutes.