FUN | 5 Things Every Millennial Woman Wants to Find Underneath Her Christmas Tree

Modern but meaningful, personal but practical at the same time - and always totally cute. These are the bases you most definitely need to cover when shopping for a festive gift for a Millennial. Picking something out is a stressful business indeed, especially if you’re buying something for a for a cool gal who knows what she likes. To enchant your friend with an amazing gift, we’ve teamed up with writer Amy Goldsmith from to compile a list of items that will make her jump with glee, and have you deemed as the best gift-giver of the year.


An e-book reader

While nothing beats the charm of real books, it’s really difficult to stuff more than one in your suitcase when you’re travelling, and quite expensive to own every hardcover and paperback you want to. E-book readers like Kindle are the perfect gadget for the Millennial woman who loves to read, and wants to have all her favourite novels within her reach at all times.

The battery on e-book readers usually lasts for a very long time, and the screens are made so they look like ink on paper. They won’t hurt her eyes, and font style and size is usually adjustable so they’re great for anyone who is short-sighted. E-books are more eco-friendly and are usually cheaper as well, so you might be saving her some money in the long run, as well as giving her the option of finding any title that she wants to with ease.

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A FitBit bracelet

For your friend who loves staying in shape, or for the one who is always trying to find a way to get in shape, a FitBit can be a really useful gift. Since it tracks your activity whenever you move, it’s a really good motivator to get up and work out, or at least walk around. If you get one for yourself as well you could indulge in some healthy competition and reach your fitness goals even faster.

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A personalized coffee mug

Coffee is the lifeline of any working millennial, and getting her a personalized mug is a really delightful way to make her happy. A big travel mug with her name, favourite quote, motto, or even a funny picture will make her morning ritual even more enjoyable, and it shows that you really know her. There are loads on or on


A makeup palette

Hey, every gal needs an outlet for her creative side, and makeup is its own form of art. If your friend loves using it, a makeup palette is such a classically amazing gift that it’s difficult to go wrong. Tarte’s new Toasted palette is full of warm tones that will bring the glow to her face, or you might choose something that’s incredibly versatile, like Kat Von D’s Shade and Light palette, or anything from Colourpop if you’re on a budget. If makeup is not really her thing, worry not – a nice pampering skincare set is also an option, and you can make it even more personal by creating your own little spa basket full of bathing salts, scented oils, lotions, soaps, and face masks. Check out our FACE blogs for more inspo.


A cute item of clothing

Here’s a brilliant little trick: grab your friend and take her shopping. Say you’re just there to grab something small, but you might as well have some fun and try on cute clothes. Take note of the things your friend likes. Maybe she was really into cute skirts you can order online, or a pretty little wrap dress, or even some cool boots? Now you know exactly what she’s into and it will help make the best decision. It’s also a good opportunity to learn what her size is, and what kind of style she generally leans towards.

And lastly, when in doubt, a gift card to a nice store is always a good option. It’s not very personal, but if you don’t know someone all that well it’s a really great way to show them that you appreciate them, and to make sure they end up owning something they like. Now that you’ve got the tips, it’s time to do some holiday shopping!