Although I embrace getting older and feel so much more body-confident now than I did 10 years ago, I do appreciate any help in avoiding further fine lines and a loss of elasticity as much as I can.  So when I received some of the new NIVEA Q10 POWER range products to try, I was more than a little intrigued to test them on my forty-something face.

 To launch the product range, the Nivea Ireland team also invited me to ask anything I wanted from the Nivea global product development expert Dr Dominik Goddertz.

Admittedly on trend skincare ingredients do come and go – but when it comes down to it, the nutrients which are already present in our skin are best and this range is so great because it replenishes what we already have. And with a promise to visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the process, I was sold – I mean who doesn’t love the sound of that? Let’s find out what Dr Goddertz had to say on it:

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Beauty Bitch: I think the best skincare is that which balances science and nature – you are so accomplished in science but tell me, how does NIVEA bring nature into its products?

Dr Dominik: The Q10 Power products work with the skin. Meaning that they power up the cells in a natural way while using Coenzyme Q10 and Creatine:

Creatine occurs naturally in human skin. Its purpose is to maintain the natural function of the skin cells. This makes it an important source of energy, as it boosts the production of new collagen fibres and consequently firms sagging tissue. As we age, our skin produces less and less creatine, and our cells perform their functions less effectively. With its high dose of creatine, the new NIVEA Q10 POWER range boosts the skin’s natural creatine storage. The result: visibly reduced wrinkles and firmer skin in a matter of only 4 weeks.

Coenzyme Q10, which is produced naturally in the body, plays an important role in our cell processes and combats free radicals. It supports necessary processes in the skin cells, from cell regeneration to collagen synthesis. Being an antioxidant, it counteracts free radicals, which damage skin cells and cause the skin to age prematurely. Like creatine, the amount of Q10 in our skin drops as we age. NIVEA Q10 POWER replenishes this important coenzyme and helps the skin make up for age-related deficits on its own. The result: visibly smoother, firmer skin.

Beauty Bitch: NIVEA evokes lovely memories for me, as both my parents used the original Crème and then my French pen pal’s mother used all the brand’s first modern skincare ranges. In fact, I specifically recall a distinct smell from a cooling cellulite leg gel mid 90s; when I smell that scent, my mind goes back to France. Can you tell me about the evolution of the brand? And the facecare range today?

Dr Dominik: When I was a child my mum also used many NIVEA products like the NIVEA cream for my face and body or the sun lotion at the beach. The brand NIVEA always meant family, high quality and trust to me. After 8 years working for NIVEA I can tell it is really like that. I enjoy working with my team and all the other highly engaged colleagues on new innovative products every day.

Beiersdorf scientists came across Coenzyme Q10 already in the early 1990s and investigating its essential role in the energy metabolism of human skin cells was one of the major topics at Beiersdorf RnD. In 1998 Beiersdorf RnD Team succeeded in making skin’s own Coenzyme Q10 for the first time available for human skin by topical application. Since that time various new findings about Q10 and its regulation of the cellular energy metabolism led to continuous improvement of our Q10 skin care range. Today Coenzyme Q10 offers the ideal platform to enhance cellular energy metabolism by combining it with other beneficial active ingredients like creatine and will be continuously be improved.

Beauty Bitch: And the latest range, what are the other core ingredients? And how can each of those benefit me as I reach my mid-forties?

Dr Dominik: From the age of 25, Collagen, the most abundant protein that contributes to skin’s firmness decreases by 1% per year. Further the production of new collagen fibres also slows down. As a result, skin loses elasticity and becomes much thinner – cue fine lines and wrinkles.

In the fight to maintain your natural youthful skin, NIVEA scientists had started intensive research to find the right partner for Q10 and to make the products even better than before.

In the morning you should apply the Q10 Power Day Cream as it effectively helps your skin counteract the effects of ageing. Its UVA/UVB protection with SPF 15 guards your skin from the damaging effects of sunlight, which cause premature skin aging.

I recommend using the Q10 Power Eye Cream: It's specially developed for the delicate eye area to visibly reduce wrinkles and diminish the appearance of dark circles. For a smoother and younger looking complexion.

In the evening, when you deserve a relaxing moment: Apply the new NIVEA Q10 Power Sleeping Melt-In Mask on a freshly cleansed face and neck. Give yourself a gentle face massage and relax for 5-10 minutes as the formula absorbs. It will pamper and nourish the skin overnight for a smoother and firmer skin feeling.

Beauty Bitch: Most things in nature will heal and rejuvenate themselves if left to their own devices, but sadly we cannot say this for skin these days, as so many environmental factors affect the surface of the skin. What is the best balance of being gentle with our skin and using products to help revive and revitalise it each day?

Dr Dominik: Facial skin has a visibly different structure and different needs compared to body skin. Its epidermis is much thinner and more sensitive than body skin. Facial skin is more individual – some people tend to get very oily skin, others suffer from dry skin. It is put under high mechanical stress as we use our face a lot to communicate and express our feelings, what results in laughter lines and eye wrinkles. And of course, our facial skin is always exposed to external influences like heat, cold, and especially sunlight. The UVA rays from the sun have a long wavelength and go deep into the skin. These rays damage the skin’s collagen which results in wrinkles – about 85% of the wrinkles which appear in the face are caused in this way. Therefore, we offer our Q10 Power Day Products with sufficient sun protection. Its comprehensive UVA/UVB protection with SPF 15 guards your skin from the damaging effects of sunlight, which cause premature skin aging. NIVEA Q10 POWER + Firming Day Cream is also available with SPF 30 for those who want a higher sun protection.

Aside from the sun, there are also other contributing factors: When you are stressed, ill, tired or lead a rather unhealthy lifestyle, your body consumes more nutrients than usual to repair itself and fight the short-term obstacle in its path. With all the Q10 being used up, your body has a greater need for CoQ10. This lack of CoQ10 can have serious effects on your skin, as you’re not getting all the nutrients and energy you so badly need.
The use of NIVEA Q10 Power products will help you to replenish the needed Q10 level.

My Verditct?

I have been using the new range for little over a week and I have noticed a considerable difference. My skin feels softer and definitely looks brighter (also any dark circles from late nights catching up on work after Easter holidays are long gone) and fine lines are visibly reduced.

I particularly love the sleeping melt-in mask which feels gorgeous to touch and glides onto skin, waking me up to a gorgeous glow – always great for busy mornings on the go when there is no time for makeup!

Q10 Power Sleeping Melt-In Mask.jpg

I’ve been applying the replenishing serum pearls before adding the anti-wrinkle day cream SPF 15 (it also comes in a pore-be-gone version for combination skin). I think I will upgrade this to an SPF 30 for summer as the sun’s rays intensify.

Q10 Power Anti-Wrinke Day Cream SPF 15.jpg
Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle Serum Pearls.jpg

I can see the eye cream fast becoming a handbag essential and I have already found myself popping a little under the eye during the day to give me a little lift (and to keep new wrinkles at bay of course).

Q10 Power Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream.png

Overall, this does exactly what it promises to do and even the harshest of critics will be impressed. It’s easy to see how NIVEA is one of the nation’s most-loved skincare brands – maybe I will be following in my parents’ footsteps more often!

Love Cathy x