FASHION Haute Couture and Millennials

Haute Couture and Millennials

As the key buying force of the world, Millennials have been a target demographic for all fashion brands, high and low, for quite some time now. Their innovative spirit paired with the fact that their lives are intertwined with technology delivers a mixed bunch of shoppers who were once thought to never ever dip their fingers in the beauty that is haute couture. 

And yet, designers have found a way into the minds and hearts of Millennials, and their ever so complex relationship is still growing and developing. Brands have changed their catwalk ways to meet halfway with Millennials, who truly know what they want both from fashion as an industry and trends and their style preferences. Clearly, there has been an impact on both ends, helping reshape this bond into a new stage we have yet to experience.

Luxury embraces sustainability



Photo by Caleb Lucas on Unsplash

So much buzz has been created around some of the most recent Earth-friendly movements, that even the highest-ranking fashion labels were bound to take notice sooner or later. Those who have responded to this Millennial need and call sooner have earned perhaps the most coveted spot as the top names Millennials will gladly wear. They see it as an investment, both into their look and authentic expression, and into the future of our planet, so the price tag is not a concern.

Although Millennials firmly believe that sustainability should not be a luxury in the modern world, they appreciate that it’s necessary for these labels to take a stand for others to follow in their footsteps. For example, names such as Stella McCartney are doing their part by introducing new sustainable policies. 

Trends that tend to last

Where does true luxury of fashion shine the brightest? At the fashion shows in the capitals of the globe, where the runways every season are brimming with new designer ideas waiting to conquer the world. And yet, luxury brands are looking to introduce a more durable way of making their seasonal outfits, so that they can be worn for years on end, both in terms of quality and trend-wise.

It’s no wonder then that luxury labels that make long-lasting items with timeless design in mind are much more appealing to Millennials than those who behave like a typical fad diet: they are exciting for a while, only to be replaced by another temporary mix. 

Emerging brand collaborations


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Utility paired with authenticity is something every Millennial dreams of in their wardrobe. When you examine a typical designer runway, you’ll see a plethora of garments not a single living soul would wear in real life. More luxury brands are switching to the more purpose-driven side of fashion, where wear-ability actually plays a significant role in design without sacrificing design ingenuity in the process.

Unconventional brand names such as Junya Watanabe join forces with utility and lifestyle brands such as the North Face to deliver a slew of products that are so much more than gorgeous. They perfectly reflect the values of every modern Millennial who strives to lead a healthy, fit life, explore nature and stay comfortable while doing so. These wonderful pieces belong both in your capsule wardrobe and in a collection of real-life wears that can never go out of style, as they are made to serve a purpose. 

Minimalist in nature

Millennials have reinvented minimalism to suit their innovative needs and style preferences. To put it in perspective, this fashion direction is no longer constricted into a predetermined set of garments that are rarely ever seen on runways. On the contrary, haute couture is finally letting the spirit of a true Millennial infuse their collections with rebellion and simplicity – without depriving them of flair, of course.

Although Rihanna’s Fenty Puma collection scream anything but minimalism, they have somehow become the staple of not only athleisure, but of essential statement fashion almost every closet will own sooner or later. Streetwear paired with high-end names delivers items such as simple black leggings, clean white sneakers that can be worn anywhere and anytime, but also a wide range of colorful heels, printed hoodies, and the like. 

Modernization of the oldest brands


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Photo by Dmitriy Ilkevich on Unsplash

On a final note, old brands have been stuck with their old ways for a very long time. They have persisted with their luxurious brick-and-mortar businesses, fashion shows, and a limited online presence, until the era of Millennials. 

Now, even some of the oldest stars of haute couture such as Gucci have embraced the changing digital landscape to accommodate their Millennial customers. Suddenly, you see them strutting their models and brilliant outfits on Instagram, boasting celebrity collaborations, and pursuing online engagement on many social networks out there.