In an era of all-beige and all-white interiors (or, if you’re me, all-grey), Swedish furniture and furnishings experts IKEA have partnered with Savile Row tailor William Hunt to create suits using IKEA textiles and fabric to encourage people to bring their personality and overall sense of style into their home with IKEA products. The really fab suits, (pictured below), are certainly  unique, and have been created using SOFIAROSENRIPSNEDJA and KUNGSLILJA fabrics, which mirror existing products by the retailer including POÄNG chairs, STOCKSUNDT sofas and bedding. 


The Saville Row partnership comes hot on the heels of a new IKEA survey which shows NI as being one of the most confident regions in the UK when it comes to styling at home. In fact, 91% of shoppers in Northern Ireland are confident enough to express their personality in home interiors décor, making us the most confident region of the UK, with London proving to be the least (64%). However, those who were not so confident when it comes to decorating gave reasons such as not knowing how to include colour and patterns in the home that suit their style (64%) and not knowing what is on trend (10%). IKEA is now helping those who are curious about colour and particular about patterns to find out their personal every day style and bring it into their home, simply and affordably, using textiles.


Carol McSeveny, Textiles Leader, IKEA UK & Ireland who started her career in IKEA Belfast said: “We’re seeing an increasing number of people playing it safe when it comes to decorating and furnishing their home. But, when the home can act as a canvas for self-expression, why keep things beige and boring? People use fabric in fashion to show off their personality and we want people to replicate this in their home through textiles.” Carol continued; “We are excited to be working with William Hunt as he is the ultimate “maverick with fabric” and has demonstrated, through the IKEA suits, how textiles can be used to express yourself and your home”


William Hunt said: “I love the idea of people taking fashion and style and embracing it by taking it further into their homes. Our partnership with IKEA is important as we are encouraging the public to push themselves just a little, and to show off their character in their own homes. We create heroes out of ordinary men and women through our suits, and likewise the IKEA suits create heroes out of everyday textiles and furniture”.


If you’d like to take the maverick personality test, and get inspired by IKEA’s textile style feed, including watching the latest clever TV commercial, just visit Be a Maverick with Fabric online. Plus, a limited number of the stunning IKEA X WILLIAM HUNT suits will be available for the public to get their hands via an online competition on the IKEA UK website: www.ikea.com/gb/en/ikea/threepiecesuit     Entrants must simply answer a question about how they express their personality in the home to be in with a chance of winning. #wonderfuleveryday.