The word elixir usually conjures up images of a secret potion designed to prolong life or give the gift of eternal youth or beauty, and so it’s not a bad name for a clinic whose product can, essentially - albeit indirectly - do both to a certain degree.


I visited the Elixir Clinic in Wimpole Street, London just last weekend, and if you followed my Instagram stories on the day, (or now, in my highlights) you’ll know that, unlike the last time I had an IV vitamin infusion, I came to this one slightly dehydrated and fuzzy from a few glasses of wine the night before.


But I feel unfair starting with that info, because a hangover cure this is not, despite the rumours and hype created by Rihanna and Cara Delevigne, or previously by the Rolling Stones in their heyday when they enjoyed Dr Meyer’s famed vita-cocktails after a busy night rock n rollin’. Nope, this is a credible health and well-being treatment, and from a purely beauty perspective, it is akin to a super-facial or head to toe body treatment with all the work being done from the inside. (Although it does also make you feel wonderful, despite the night-before-wine, I have to say - curing headache, tiredness and nausea in minutes, as well as replenishing skin, hair and nails with zero calories, so it’s much better than a greasy spoon solution).


In short, it’s a 45minute treatment whereby a fusion of vitamins, minerals and amino acids are inserted into the bloodstream intro-venously. And just to cut to the chase, the results are bloody brilliant.  



‘But why not just pop a vitamin pill?’, I hear you ask. Well, one of the problems with oral supplements is that they're not fully bioavailable - in other words, they're not fully absorbed. By delivering them intravenously, the bioavailability is 100pc; you're injecting it directly into the veins. The body absorbs exactly what it needs and no more - so there is no chance of overdoing it.

We don’t know exactly what the content and ratios of each of the VitaDrip formulae are, but there are medically pre-designed combinations for Adrenal Fatigue, Immunity Boosting, Mood Boosting, New Motherhood and Jet Lag, among others. The combinations were created by the clinic’s founders - two former Harley Street nurses - and they have locations in the Middle East as well as three locations in London (at The Ned Hotel in the City and within Harrods Wellness Centre, as well as the Marylebone clinic that I visited).  I plumped for the Fitness drip, but there is  also a bespoke option in which you can have a drip made to your exact requirements on  that particular day.  As you can imagine, the benefits are enjoyed and prolonged with a healthy diet  and proper hydration.

The downside? Needle-phobes may need to look away as the small cannula is slotted into place and hooked up to the type of IV stand often seen in hospitals. My left arm veins wouldn’t take, so we had to hook up the right arm, but it wasn’t painful at all, in fact the only disadvantage was that I couldn’t text or email as the arm has to remain outstretched and straight, so I was forced to lie back and just relax. Quelle Horreur!

And then, just an hour after entering the clinic with a dull head and feeling tired, I left with a spring in my step and slept like a baby that night.

So, to conclude, does the drip actually work - or is it money down the vein? In my opinion - it TOTALLY works. I felt fantastic and really rejuvenated and I would challenge anyone not to feel the same. Many people claim to see immediate differences in their skin and hair, although to be honest I didn’t, but then I wasn’t looking, plus my skin is quite well hydrated anyway.

The cost isn’t massively prohibitive either - the last clinic I went to charged around £500, but the pre-mix VitaDrip with pre medical screening at Elixir costs approx £200. One of my favourite slogans at the moment is ‘You think wellness is expensive? You should try illness?’ and this is a perfect example of prevention rather than cure, when it comes to health and wellbeing these days.

For a full price list and further information, please visit www.theelixirclinic.com