As I was on holiday at the time of this movie premiere, so I sent F Words team member Debra (find her on Instagram @debra.wray) along in my place  - and she guest blogs her review here…

There’s nothing I love more than getting away with some of my best friends. If you’re like me, then I suggest you get your girls together and head to the cinema to watch “Girls Trip.”  For me it had all the laughs and the LOLs of a modern day girls’ trip.

The film has a strong cast featuring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish as the “Flossie Posse”, best friends from college who have grown apart over the years. Hall’s character Ryan Pierce is described as the “second coming of Oprah” who has a wildly successful public speaking and writing career alongside her husband Stewart.


Jada Pinkett Smith plays Lisa, a single mum of two, who lives with her overbearing mother and has fallen way out of the dating game. Queen Latifah is Sasha, a former highly regarded journalist who is now scraping the barrel as a gossip blogger with serious financial issues. Less well known Tiffany Haddish plays Dina. It’s hard to describe Dina, but she is someone you’d definitely want as a friend; she’s funny, fierce and loyal, but her temper will get her in trouble.


Ryan is invited to be the keynote speaker at Essence Festival in New Orleans, she sees this is the perfect opportunity to get the group back together for one massive weekend of drinking, debauchery and dancing. However, the trip doesn’t go to plan when it is revealed by Sasha that Ryan’s husband Stewart (Mike Colter) has been having an affair with an Instagram model called Simone. Obviously this doesn’t go to down very well with the ladies and they find the best way to deal with it is to go out and party the night away. Cue “The Hangover” style montages and hijinks. But this film, like “Bridesmaids”, has a whole lot of heart and you can see the camaraderie between the lead actresses which makes their friendship and connection the best part of the film. Jada Pinkett-Smith’s character getting back into the world of sex and dating with a younger man is one of my favourite laugh out loud moments.


Haddish’s character Dina provides the bulk of the laughs, she is the wildest of the Flossy Posse and is not ready to let go getting “white girl wasted.” She manages to steal the film away from her other wildly talented co-stars. The film has many gross-out, laugh-out-loud moments which have been rare in female-driven comedies of late, plus there are many celebrity cameos which keep the film ticking over. I won’t give them all away, but P.Diddy’s cameo is unforgettable.


Their weekend becomes a journey of self-discovery, where friendships are tested in a predictable way - but the charm of this film lies with the raunchy lead characters. They are women you’d definitely want to party with, gossip with and be best friends with. Fiercely loyal and hilarious at the same time, you know they would always be there for you.


The movie is definitely one for the ladies, as at times the humour is as explicit as it is hilarious. It may not win any Academy Awards but it is one you’ll giggle about for days after. You don’t mind the film’s long run time as, by the end, the real heart of the story shines through - the importance of friendship. By the time the credits roll, you’ll be booking a girls’ trip of your own.