Summer is here and with it comes the long-awaited holiday countdown… And after an extremely busy start to the year it is safe to say I am counting down the days until mine!
For me, holidays are about taking time to relax, have fun and - if I am lucky enough - to return home with a golden glow.


This summer is all about the inflatables. I don’t think any of us could have missed them floating all over the internet and social media, from Sofia Vergara to Bella Hadid and even our friends’ holiday Insta pics it seems that EVERYONE is on board this latest craze. What’s not to love lazing about a pool on a giant unicorn or flamingo? (And it does make for the greatest insta pics!)


To the delight of inflatable-lovers everywhere, PASX has collaborated with Sunny Life to create its own range of inflatables they are uh-mazing! Spectacular, eye-catching and fun – they definitely tick all the boxes and are guaranteed to bring a little extra sun into our lives. All that’s left to do is choose whether I will be lounging on a Golden Swan, Flamingo, Pineapple, Watermelon or Rainbow and then hop on and float away – bring on the fun!


Check them out at: