Have a magical journey with Kikkerland’s Unicorn Zip & Flip Pillow

As I pack for half term holidays with Valentina, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some magic at one of my fave kitsch stores, Kikkerland. Their latest product, a travel pillow which folds away to a unicorn cuddly, is an awesome answer to nervous travellers who need to add a sprinkling of magic dust to a trip away.

This handsome, huggable travel companion is so irresistibly squidgy, he makes the perfect placatory piece for perfect for nervous flyers. The grab-and-go, lightweight unicorn plushie *magically* transforms into unashamedly camp rainbow neck-pillow, when called into action.  

Unicorn Zip and Flip Pillow.jpg

Suitable for both kids and fun-loving adults, the Unicorn Zip & Flip Pillow makes every journey a magical one. Trains, planes or automobiles, you’ll be forever graced a sublime slumber with the pillow, allowing you to arrive at your destination as fresh as a daisy; which is surely as good as any pot of gold.
Price: £40 www.kikkerlandeu.com